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Situation 1:  Lowering Overall Costs by Outsourcing Parts and Components to BMF
     The majority of our customers come to us for this reason: They sell complex industrial machines or systems in their home markets and have final assembly facilities in their home country. In order to increase competitiveness, they outsource specific parts and components to BMF. By sourcing low cost industrial hardware and BMF’s ability to ensure quality levels that clients need and expect, the net effect is significant cost reductions for the home office. Rather than supplanting the home country operation, BMF supports it by lowering costs where appropriate.


Situation 2:  Industrial Marketing Companies Contracting All Manufacturing & Logistics to BMF
     This is the second most common situation: A customer who is engaged solely in marketing some kind of industrial brand and contracts BMF to manufacture its entire product line. The client typically has limited facilities in the home market, and relies on BMF to not only manufacture the part, but to undertake all product packaging, warehousing and logistics—often shipping directly to our client’s client.  BMF can assist in all stages of the production cycle, from design through shipment.


Situation 3:  Localizing Industrial Products for the China Market
     In recent years, this has been a growing part of our business: An industrial brand wants to introduce a product (or range of products) to the China market. They contract BMF to manufacture their parts in China. They gain a) logistical convenience; b) confidence that manufacturing costs are appropriate to the China market, and C) assurance that quality levels remain high.


Situation 4:  Quality Management of your China Production
     As China has increasingly become a central manufacturing hub for many companies, problems with supplier qualification and quality control have become issues of great concern.  With an “on the ground presence” and extensive experience in China manufacturing BMF can step into customer's current supply chain and manage  production quality.  This process may include factory audits, quality testing, and engineering oversight and management.


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