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• 30 years of local Chinese manufacturing experience

Since 1979 Brantingham Manufacturing has supplied European and American markets with precision industrial castings from greater China.  Our local and expatriate staff understand the ever-changing Chinese manufacturing environment and how best to meet international customer's needs.


• Competitive China pricing

Utilizing our four wholly owned foundries and machine shops strategically located throughout China, BMF is able to offer our customers exceptional value. 


• Meet and exceed global quality standards

With our direct control of factories we are able to ensure high quality throughout the entire product life cycle, from drawing to end product.  BMF factories are ISO-9001:2008 certified (BSI) and we produce to international standards such as ASTM, DIN, TUV and BSI.

•  Hold strict standards in protecting our customer's intellectual property

We respect your intellectual property and know how to protect it within the China market.  BMF will not develop products that compete with those of existing clients.


• Clear English communication

We are able to handle all communication at all levels in English.  Dedicated bilingual customer managers with engineering backgrounds are able to address any concern that our customers may have.


• Centrally located, western managed supply chain

We have developed a unique expertise of bridging cultures. We understand the competitive environment you work in and the challenges you face.  Our centrally located headquarters in Shanghai allows us to quickly and easily overcome all logistical needs.



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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Brantingham Manufacturing is an ISO certified company.  With over 30 years of manufacturing experience we are able to provide you all the benefits of low cost manufacturing without sacrificing quality or convenience.

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