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     Brantingham Manufacturing is a wholly owned, Western managed industrial OEM based in Greater China.  Since 1979, Brantingham Manufacturing has supplied European and American markets with precision industrial hardware and castings.  Our 30 years of manufacturing experience has allowed us to gain considerable expertise in this complex environment and develop partnerships with leading global industrial brands.

     Brantingham Manufacturing originated as an American quality management firm based in Taiwan during the height of Taiwanese manufacturing.  In 1986 BMF saw the opportunity to setup its own manufacturing operation in mainland China and offer customers the same level of quality with the added benefit of direct manufacturing.  After establishing our first machine shop in Su Zhou, China we have been expanding our manufacturing facilities ever since.

     Today, BMF’s core capabilities lie in the foundries and machine shops that we own and manage in China.  With this extensive manufacturing capability we offer castings ranging in material from iron and steel to various non-ferrous alloys.  We also possess a wide array of machining capabilities ranging from fabrication and stamping to complex CNC machining.  In addition to our own factories we have developed a strong network of factories to offer our customers further manufacturing capabilities such as plastics, rubber, and specialty industrial sourcing.


     To insure overall management control of our factory network, Brantingham Manufacturing operates a supply chain management office in Shanghai.  Our office coordinates all manufacturing done in our network and keeps customers updated on all their business activity in China.  With our local and expatriate staff of customer managers and engineers we are able to be in constant communication with our factories and customers during all stages of production.  We understand the competitive environment you work in and the challenges you face: product liability, exacting standards, pricing pressures, etc. and know how to meet these concerns.working

     We seek to develop long term relationships with customers and using our extensive experience here in China allow international firms to capitalize on the low China price without taking up the risks associated with overseas operations.   Having direct control of our factories allows our customer full control of the manufacturing process and allows us to maintain rigorous quality control and IP protection.

     These strengths are just some of the values we believe we bring to our customers.  Add to this, honesty, reliability, and honoring of commitments we make, and we believe BMF offers the ingredients of a long term China partner that will make the difference to your company.

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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Brantingham Manufacturing is an ISO certified company.  With over 30 years of manufacturing experience we are able to provide you all the benefits of low cost manufacturing without sacrificing quality or convenience.

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